Your 7 easy steps to how we work with you

One of the most daunting aspects of any major building project is knowing where, when and how to start your build without overlooking crucial elements. We realise that every project is different and every client has a different set of needs. That’s why we’ve put together these 7 easy steps to building success to ensure a smooth project for you from the very start to the final completion.

Initial Contact

Our first step will be a phone call to follow up your enquiry. The purpose of the call will be to acquaint ourselves.  To have a discussion around your wants and needs regarding your building project to make sure we can offer the service you require. And to arrange a time and place convenient for us to meet for a more in-depth discussion.

Let’s meet in person

And we are all ears!!We want to learn more about your vision and dreams bring along your ideas plans, sketches and magazines, let’s talk about what’s important to you and your family – items that reflect your values and your preferred way of living. We want to get a feel for your aspirations and expectations and we want you to get a feel for how we can help you take your dreams and turn them into your home. This will involve you discussing time frames and the level of investment you want to make so we understand from design stage through to completion your budget expectations.

Concept Drawings

This is the evolution stage!  One of the most important stages.

A good design process  is key to a successful project. Your design will evolve over a period of time during which you and your designer discuss, digest, think and rework ideas until the best solution is arrived at .We like to be interactive during this stage with you and the designer as our years of practical experience, knowledge of what has and hasn’t worked in the past can often help shape your concept drawings.

You may want to consider in cooperating sustainable building features at this concept stage making your home more eco-friendly and energy efficient saving you long term energy costs whilst adding value to your home? We can help you with ideas.
Before we move on to the next stage we will work with you until you are satisfied that the concept drawings in cooperate all the features, detail and style that you have shared with us  making sure your home fits  you perfectly.

Working Drawings

Your Architect will now develop the working drawings and documentation ready for,
•    Application for building consent with your local building authority.
•    Engineering consultant if required.
•    Your quote for your project is created

Signing documentation

The following documents will be signed at this stage.
•    Certified Builders full Build building contract.
•    Certified builders Home first builder’s guarantee.
•    The set of working drawings stamped (approved) by your local building authority.
•    The letter of quote.

Let the adventure begin!

Communication is key throughout the building process.
Having 16 years of project management experience is an invaluable skill set to have during the build stage. We will be communicating with you, the architect and subcontractors on a regular basis, making sure the building of your home flows in a timely and coordinated manner.

The job schedule will be up dated on regular basis and available so you are well informed of progress and able to programme in people you are working with outside of our contract.

Photos recording the building of your home will be shared via email to you on a regular basis.

Critical photos of electrical, plumbing and drainage will be filed to a folder and handed to you at the completion of your home. We will have a health and safety site plan operating.

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