Get “The Look” You Want

You may know the look and feel you want for your home, but do you know how to get that look and feel?

More Than Building

At Cloud 9 Homes, we don’t just build /renovate houses – we help you create a home. That’s why we have a specialist colour consultant available to help you when you’re building or renovating. With her help, you’ll get exactly the look and feel you’ve always dreamed of.

An Expert Creative Eye

From colour selections to furniture selections, from curtains and blinds to fittings and doors, and from tiles and vanities to everything in between, we can assist you with selecting the right features and inclusions for your home. We keep up-to-date with the latest styles and trends, and can help you turn the dream you’ve described to us into a reality you can live in and experience every day.

Your Dream Style

Our colour consultant makes sure your chosen style is featured throughout your build or renovation. We can also suggest additional features or ideas you haven’t thought of, but will love.

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