Earthquake Repair Services in Christchurch

As long time Christchurch residents, we know the impact that earthquakes can have on homes and local businesses. It is devastating to see the damage they cause to your property and the effect they have on you and your family’s lives.

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) provides natural disaster insurance to residential property owners in New Zealand. We can assist you to make a claim and repair any damage to your home sustained during an earthquake.

Cloud 9 Homes are accredited EQC contractors in Canterbury to provide complete earthquake repairs and restorations. We can help you fully assess the extent of the damage and rebuild your home.



We can provide a full re-scope of your property to assess what it will cost to have all the areas of earthquake damage fixed for you.

This can then be sent to the settlements department as an independent report.

We know that every home is different and we will work with you and EQC to make sure that the outcome is a home restored to pre-earthquake state.

There will be a charge for this depending on the size of the home. This price will be fully reimbursed should you engage Cloud 9 Homes to do the repairs.



Cloud 9 Homes can deal directly with EQC on your behalf, which is the perfect option if any additional work is requested such as extensions and renovations, which can be incorporated during the repair time. You will need to read EQC’s Opt Out information and sign the Opt Out form as well as the authority form so that we can liaise with EQC.

Cloud 9 Homes consists of a fully qualified team of contractors that are ready to repair your home. It’s a very easy process to get your repairs underway.



We are Fletcher accredited earthquake damage repairers.

If Fletcher is managing your repairs, you can nominate us as your preferred contractors.

If you are in need of earthquake repairs, contact us today. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.


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